Maria Oshodi


Podcast of RNIB Connect Tracks Of My Life –

7 pieces of music along with an interview reflecting back on early life in Nigeria, London and journey into disability and dancing!

This show first broadcast on RNIB Connect internet radio on February 23 2021 has also been edited into this podcast that features short samples of my 7 tracks, however the full interview has been retained in the podcast.

It was very hard selecting just 7 tracks that represented moments in my life, and in doing so, I realised that the tracks I eventually chose, were not necessarily my favourite ones, but ones that brought back the strongest memories .

They are:

Speedy Gonzalez – Pat Boon

Devil Gate Drive  – Suzie Quatro

Skokiaan – Louis Armstrong

Do the Dog – The Specials

We call it Aceed – D Mob

Chloe – Tommy Dorsey

Juju – Dele Ojo & His Star Brothers Band ( My song to hand on)

I hope you enjoy listening  to the reasons why!