Maria Oshodi

Lockdown Leakage

Shock jolts through my heart,
A and E say tock tick Beat
But something’s released.

3rdLockdown creeps  on 
Bloods came back clear  GP says 
Pylon hiss in ear

Covid kills  Richard
Tingles scratch around my skull
What is going on?

Still working from home
Spoke to doctor on the phone 
Vision darkening.

Keep checking Zooplar
Dr McCloud says just wait
Bear hugging my  head.

Seni gets buried
Wonder, is this some Ju-Ju?
Pressure pressin skull

Terry fades, film paused
GP refers a clinic
Walk like drunk sailor

Mum 90 in March 
Day after day feel like this
Dad died 10 years back.

Drones view  property
Waking  I’m in a clogged  field 
Referral is lost

Nic will edit now
Smash Google for   these symptoms
Fatigue , sit, lay , sleep

Umpteen zooms a day
But some still go out to play
Caught in a vortex

Walking the same streets
Not as lonely this lockdown
Halos bright my sight

Make offer on house
Shout  until clinic sends date
Shake while make my food

Was it the Pfizer?
Strange now rules ease I am trapped
Hyacinth bulbs cent

Dom lets the cats out
Clinic   doctor  says I leak
As its  Cerebrospinal fluid   escaping... causing... spontainious intercranial hypotension 

Boris now pressured
But my clouds clear now I know
Caffeine and water can lower it.

Keys turn, things unlock
Not my heart,  but my dura
Reads the MRI?

Maria Oshodi © 2021